20 Points on the Call to Ministry

Here are 20 things, which I believe will help you in your preparation in the ministry.  Things, which I have learnt and picked up by talking to other men of God.


1. Don’t get Impatient.

Personal and public call, there can be a great time lapse between the two and we can get frustrated in we don’t see there is a purpose in it and it’s all a part of Gods plan.
Bible: we are living stones not bricks. It’s much easier to build with bricks one on top of the other, stone are much more painful: you have bits sticking out and of different sizes: Grace Growers.

2. Let God have His Way

I would encourage all of you first to work in a normal job, to learn what it is like living and working with those you are going to be talking to. Talking about life is easy / but living it is much harder.

There is a difference between revelation and some information, we must only pass on revelation and not information and also revelation and proclamation and that’s formation, that’s where it’s built into our lives.
I try and preach nothing that I am not living in or at least trying to live in. What we believe needs to be tested in the fires of life before we pass it on.

3. Get to Know God

It’s not knowing about Him / but it’s getting to know Him. We know about Him by books and tapes, we get to know him is all about relationship.
Philip 3:10 that I might know Him
I don’t have time to pray I have to make time, if it’s important we will do it.
The time to get to know God is NOW not when we start our ministries.
The good can be the enemy of the best, we talk about prayer, we read, preach, but how much do we pray?
Jesus always prayed
At his baptism Lk 3:22, in the morning Mk 1:35 & Lk5:15, on the mountain side Lk 6:12 & Mk6:46, in private Lk9:18, which his close friends Lk9:28, at Lazarus grave side Jn 11:41, ,prays for you and me Jn 17, in the garden Jn 12:27 & Matt 26:36, while he was on the cross Lk 23:34,36

4. Keep Loving

Eph 1:16 –  had great faith and love
Rev 2:1 – lost their first love a time span of just 35yrs
They still had great faith, teaching, doctrine, but they had lost their first love. We must keep loving. It’s only out of love that we can do anything worthwhile
1 Cor13
We must never become complacence / become a professional/ minister
Mk3: 14 – to be with Him.
If you minister the word it must come from a heart of love and compassion for the people of God.

5. Spend Much Time in God’s Word.

I believe that the Bible is meat not milk. With meat you need to do some work our selves.

Mike is that which the work is already done, tapes, books it’s not your revelation. There is nothing wrong with tapes and book as long as they don’t replace the Word. You just preach the latest book or tape you have heard. Heb 5:12

If we want to think, act and fells the same as God thinks, acts and fells then it’s as we give our selves to His book. Even through I believe in healing and miracles we still need to put the Word first. Jesus preaches first then he healed the sick.

6. Be a Father Pleaser

  • Jesus said I only do that which pleases my father – Jn 13:13
  • “You call me ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord,’ and rightly so, for that is what I am. Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet.
  • Jesus must be LORD First.
  • Our function/ job description doesn’t replace our walk with God/ relationship. You must be careful if you give your self a title because one day you might think that you are entitled to something.
  • Don’t let your calling/ relationship become a job.
  • Lucifer became the devil through self-will.
  • Isa 14 talks about the “5 I will’s “ of the devil.

Character is more important than gifting – 1 Tim 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9
All but one is about character. We must learn to rule over our spirits before we will be trusted with leading God’s people.

7. We Must be a Praiser

Ps 135:1
We must return praise to the lord so we don’t have a bitter heart. Praise and worship insures we remain God’s servants and companions and do not become His competitors.

There is nothing wrong in taking thanks; we all need to be encouraged. But the praise and the glory must go to the Lord. I thank people then they say something good about what I have done. Then when I’m in the car driving home I give all the praise and glory to Him. I try and keep my self in a place where I don’t want to compete with others; I just want to be right there with what God is doing.

When we are ministering who are we doing it for? It must be first to the Lord, this will be a safety facture in becoming men pleasures in the ministry Jn 12:43. Do it always unto the Lord. Once only 3 people turned up to a meeting so my friend went home.

8. A Heart of Compassion

We need a tender heart. A heart of compassion for those who we are ministering to.
You confront a brother to win him, not the argument.

9. Servant

Ministry is not just preaching, teaching, leading, or authority.
Ministry means servant.
Never let the fact that God is using you go to your head. Pride goes before a fall. No task is too small / low for the true servant of God.

The one who angles worshiped, God in the flesh, the one who opened blind eyes, raised the dead… knelt down and washed His disciples feet. That’s true servant hood.
You will be able to do anything, if you are secure in whom you are.
Matt 19;30 servant hood is down.
Servant hood is developed when we are asked to-do something which we are over qualified for.

10. Being Faithful in the Small Things.

I began going into schools and pressing a tape recorder button. I go into 50 schools, I used to preach with crowds of 0 or some times 1,3, 6, but know that God allows me to sometime preach to 100’s. The thing we need to remember is when other are not watching, God is.

11. Paying Off Any Debts

Work hard to pay off your debts before you go.
Try and avoid to many debts so when the Lord calls you so you can go and serve Him.

Being faithful with your finances, tithing, supporting other ministries, give and it will be given.

12. Learn to Trust God

The walk of Faith. Your faith will be developed over a period of time. It is one step at a time,
Faith in the N/T is living and active. For these scriptures to become living for us we need to receive them by faith.
There are 4 elements to living faith

  1. It’s a firm conviction based on hearing, that’s not with these ears, but with my ears of my spirit man. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God
  2. A full confession of God’s revelation or truth. It’s got to be God’s revelation to you!! You can’t live on someone’s elseve revelation.
  3. A personal surrender to Christ. It’s surrender to Christ and His word.
  4. An action inspired by that surrender. Rom 10:8 – faith must have actions, what you believe you must speak out.

Living faith, biblical believing, includes hearing, receiving the word, confessing and doing. None of these elements of faith can be considered to be the fullness of faith on their own.. They are all equally indispensable aspects of genuine faith.

13. Seek to Develop Your Gifts

No better training for those who are called to be an evangelist than to spend time with other evangelists. “Catch the Fire” of the anointing.
Pastors: spend time with Teacher; sit under their teaching
2 Tim 1:6, Matt 25:35

Many people ask “Should I go to Bible College?” In my case, God said no, what matter is to ask the Lord’s direction? If you go to Bible College make sure it’s one, which move in, and releases people in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is only God who can ordain someone. If it’s man’s ordination you are looking for then don’t bother.

14. Seek the Lord Concerning the Way Forward

Guidance is God’s responsibility not ours. Our responsibility is simply to obey when he speaks.
Sometimes it’s very clear words other times it’s just an impression, when this happens progress slowly, be open for God to show you the next step or to redirect you if you have got it wrong. Never say the lord has said if He hasn’t because you’re the one who will look silly. You can say I think this is the way forward I believe this is what god wand’s me to do. God is more than capital to change the direction you are going and even to close a door.
Gods timing is always perfect Acts 16:6-10.

15. Remain Teachable

Can you receive something from the youngest Christian, or is it only from those who you respect. There is one person who I do find it hard to learn from and that’s Jan my wife. Esp when she is always right, well almost.

16. Be Careful Who You Marry

2 Cor 6:14
If you have a call of God on your life, then make sure your partner has one as well.
Paul talks about singles as important in some cases. But I know that most of you will marry.
Young people if god has called you and you have become an active volunteer, and then you have no rights to even keep companies with anyone accept someone who is traveling in your direction.

17. Develop Good Church Relationships

You must be committed and active in your church if you want them to pray and even support you financially. Get involved now; it’s much harder when you are away on mission.
Spend time with your leadership/ elders, share your vision / listen to what they say, also share your vision with other Christians who may want to support you.

18. Learn from the Lives of Others.

Get around men of God who can input into your life. I have been very blessed when I think of men who have gave time to input into me, to guide me and also correct me. You can’t make people follow you. Try and cope the good thing you see in other. To be a leader you must have people who will follow you. One of my goals is to try and reproduce my self in others.

Success without a successor is failure.

19. Get Around Anointed Ministry.

I do believe that the anointing of god can be imparted to others. Elisha & Elijah. It’s not your anointing, but it’s the power of the Holy Spirit that is passed on. – 2 Tim 1:15.

20. Live in the Light of Eternity

This life is not it / invest in the next life – Matt 6:19
Build you heavenly bank account
Don’t live for the praises of men but for the praise of God in heaven.

Seek to be faithful and be a wise steward of your talents and resources.

Some of you will be in full time ministry, pastors or evangelist, missionary in other lands, other business men and women. Some will be a lovely wife standing by a family which God has called you to be a part of. I hope now it will be different because you see it as a calling and not just a job, a duty. It will make a different in how you pray when you realize how short this life is, a difference in your giving. Give to things, which will last for eternity. We all may live in the light.