August Newsletter

In this very troubled world, we can only rely on the fact “Our God is Able”, “God can do the impossible”, “Our God is in control” as we endeavour to do the work of the Kingdom… We share with you information regarding some of the IMS projects for your prayerful support.


In Lahore, where there is difficulty and persecution, there seems to be growth. The remarkable work our Lord allows us to share in continues under His protection.

PK-4-Pastor-Josephs-School-001Pastor Joseph’s school, with 100 plus students – built and equipped by IMS – continues into its second year on a self-supporting basis. IMS provides occasional support for books and supplies. The school and church continue to expand.

Pastor Shekel’s school, with 200 students – built and equipped by IMS – is now self-funded. Pastor Shekel and his family had to leave the country because of real threats on his life and family. The school and church, now led by his brother, continue to expand.

GRACE-School-001Grace School, was completed and opened in March 2013, was equipped, and immediately over-subscribed. Plans are in place to almost double the size of the school immediately. This new section opened in March 2014. This was in spite of a court challenge by some local officials who tried to seize the school. Bless God, the court ruled in our favour, and matters have since settled down.

Pk-2-one-of-3-new-trans-for-school-001We were able to supply three motorised Rickshaws to transport the children in this dangerous area.  The next problem we face is some students have just qualified for High School, so we will require funds to extend the work.

Morning Star School, is in the tented village next to Lahore Airport. There is a church plant by a Pastor who has a small building, one of the few in this area. Our associate, Magdalene Williams, is now involved and is helping to establish another school at this venue.

PK1-Mid-Scool-Recent-Grad-001The Midwifery School now has two 18 month courses running. The school is taking on another overseeing and experienced lecturer. God has brought us the right qualified person, just retired from a medical teaching facility, whose philosophy is completely in harmony with the school’s aims. We trust the Lord for the finance to continue this good work.

Arusha, Tanzania – The church building and community centres near completion, following some delays as Pastor Moses coped with the sudden death of his wife in April, and Bishop s Chidundo, who was co-coordinating and overseeing the project, came to terms with an eye operation that has left him nearly blind. These brothers need our prayers and practical assistance.

Sri-lanka Refugee Camp – we still have unlimited access to the refugee camp where we are welcomed for church, children’s school and a limited feeding program. One prays for the future of these children and their parents; there seems no hope of them leaving this camp which, for so many, is beginning to look like a permanent home. So often in the West we think of refugee camps as temporal, in reality they often become a permanent home, a new slum, with no way out.

Motor Bikes and Pedal Bikes

PK-6-Bikes-001Transportation is a valuable means of support for pastors who travel on foot, covering huge distances, as they spread the gospel. The joy that is expressed when we are able to present a bike is unbelievable. Each year we aim to supply a further five motor bikes and twenty pedal bikes, a target we have not yet achieved this year.

Web Page

The IMS web page, which was inactive, has being re-launched, and is very much in an expansion stage. The site will be a source of IMS project information, and will serve as a preaching resource library. For many years IMS has been sending out teachings and sermon outlines to pastors in many countries. The new web site will be a place where they, along with others can access these teachings as well as other materials from gifted individuals who have allowed IMS to use their work along with Mike’s.

Refer to for this developing resource.

Urgent Prayer Request

image003Please see our separate information sheet for the “Abandoned Bungoma Orphanage” in Kenya.

We have been able to stabilize their situation, but much prayer and wisdom is needed to truly make a difference for these children.

 Daniel 9:23a (NLT)
The moment you began praying, a command was given….


IMS associates, along with Mike, continue to preach and teach the word of God, presenting the Gospel in many venues across the western world and to international locations. The first task of IMS is promoting the news of the Kingdom, supporting orphanages, midwifery colleges, and schools along with small businesses. These are all vehicles for the extension of the Kingdom. Please pray for us as this work continues.

Rev. Mike J Jones