Abandoned Orphanage Rescue – North East Kenya

image002IMS became aware of the orphanage in Bungoma, Kenya some 3 years ago as it then faced some financial difficulty. The facility had been operated and financed for nearly 20 years by Abundance Ministries International, chaired by Rev Terry Brimson, a minister from the Midland’s area in the UK where IMS was birthed. Rev. Brimson has been a somewhat controversial character in that he did not work well with others, and was not prepared to have others work with him, was secretive and saw the work as his own. Most ministers and leaders in the area were not aware he had this ongoing work in Kenya.

Unfortunately this became more obvious when IMS offered help some 18 months ago, by offering practical experience and financial support. Assistance was strongly rejected at that time when IMS asked questions about the origin and distribution of finances.

image003It was also realized, at that time, that Rev Brimson has quickly deteriorating health challenges, brought on with age, revealing that it was becoming difficult if not impossible for him to function in any capacity either with the charity or orphanage centre.

On the 5th July 2014, IMS learned from various reliable sources that the orphanage had no viable means of support, and that finance was no longer being delivered from the UK. Twelve of the orphanage staff had not been paid for well over a year, rental for the accommodation of the orphanage was more than 12 months in arrears, and there was no money to feed the children; eviction was imminent.

image004It took IMS five days to have emergency financial support in place in Bungoma which prevented the impending eviction, provided food and shelter for the children and some financial support to the workers. This temporary and emergency action needs to be followed upon very quickly. When a problem like this is brought to IMS, we take it as from the Lord. We obtained some finance from those who stand together with us in the ministry, and have put together an emergency plan to stop the eviction, feed the children and keep the workers. We are trusting the Lord for the finances and wisdom in how to proceed to give this Orphanage Center a secure future.

The orphanage is headed by Caroline Omollo, who has kept the 170 plus children together without any wages for some 18 months, she is a remarkable and credible servant of the Lord who IMS proposes to work with to re-establish this abandoned work.

The proposed IMS rescue plan is:

1) Supply emergency funds to feed the children, stop the eviction, and keep the workers; US $6,000.00 already provided

2) Obtain funding for the next 4 months…..

image005IMS will seek out and investigate the charity ‘Abundance Ministries’ through the Charity Commission in the UK. We believe it is possible the charity is still operational, possibly receiving funds in trust for the orphanage, but not being dispersed.

We will endeavour to locate the Abundance Ministry’s officers on public record and anyone else who may have responsibility or influence for the charity work or finances. We will investigate these possibilities to see if other supporters are submitting finance in the failed belief it is going to Kenya.

The sad reflection is that Rev Terry Brimson ran this charity completely on his own for nearly 20 years, receiving and distributing funds. While the work has been admirable, not allowing others to be involved has resulted in no one to carry on with his work. Now unable to manage the charity, coupled with his history of control and secrecy, those he sought to rescue and protect are at risk of being completely abandoned.

Will you please help us in the rescue and support of the Bungoma Orphanage?

Contact us via donations@imsmission.org to send funds or mail them by ground mail to either our Canadian or UK addresses found on the home page.