The Value of One Soul

SCRIPTURE READING: John 4:1-42 Note especially Verse 4: –“He must go through Samaria”.  INTRODUCTION: There are several Important “Musts” in the Gospel of John: “Ye ‘Must’ be Born Again”-John 3:7 “The Son of Man ‘Must’ be lifted up”- John 3:14 “He ‘Must’ Increase”, but I ‘Must’ decrease-John 3:30 “He ‘Must’ needs go through Samaria”_ John

Missions Manual

There are very few people who are better equipped to write a book on the subject of missions in the church than Rev. Mike Jones. He has spent many years studying different techniques and biblical principles of soul-winning and outreach ministries. Not only is he an inspiring teacher and Bible School lecturer on the subject,

Foundations of the Faith

The Foundations of Faith teaching manual was a series of studies prepared for the use in Care Groups (House Groups), which have been in operation at Hockley Pentecostal Church since August 1984. The primary aim of the series was to ‘build up in the most holy faith’ as opposed to academic theology. This is an