Missions Manual

There are very few people who are better equipped to write a book on the subject of missions in the church than Rev. Mike Jones. He has spent many years studying different techniques and biblical principles of soul-winning and outreach ministries. Not only is he an inspiring teacher and Bible School lecturer on the subject,

Secular Leaders Compared to Christian Leadership

Leaders in the secular world do not deal with, or necessarily demand, moral or spiritual qualifications – God does.    It has often been said that a team will only be as good as its leader. Therefore a Christian leader must lead by example:  Lead by principle – what you believe  Lead by precept – what

The Forming of Character in the Life of a Leader

Definition of Character “inner (God-like) moral quality producing (God-like) responses in every situation” Gifting and Character: 1. Gifting is what you think you are You will be happy in it You will have faith for it You will be fruitful in it Reputation is what other people think we are. 2. In reality this is


Dave Fellingham writes:   ‘There can be no doubt that the early church was a singing, praising, worshipping church.   Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, those early gatherings would have been in a truly charismatic dimension.   Psalms of praise, hymns, spiritual songs, both composed and spontaneous, singing in tongues –  all were means of

Leadership in the Local Church

What is a Leader? 1. He shows the people the way to head. 2. He teaches the people about God. 3. He makes sure there is no oppression in the midst. 4. He keeps enemies at bay. Elder What is an Elder? There are three Greek words in the Bible for Elder: Episkopos: which means

The Wisdom of an Old Man

Ex 18: 13-26 In verse 13 – 18 a classic local Church problem is described, all the decision making is concentrated in the hands of one man.   Through Jethro, God gives the solution for leadership which has not delegated either authority or tasks.

Youth Leadership: God’s Call to the Ministry

The leader will stamp his character on the group.   The youth group will reflect the character of the leader.   The leader will reflect the character of the Church. 1. The Person of the Call Young (old) mature, single person. Often no choice – Irish labourer. Not popular – one who loves. a. Life Matt 16:24 and

The Praise and Worship Pathway

Man was created to live and breathe in an atmosphere of praise-filled worship to his Creator. But sin came in and severed this bond of blessing through obedience, and introduced self-centredness and self-pity and complaint. But now has come salvation through Christ, and upon receiving him as Saviour we are called to a daily living of prayer

Practical Qualities of Servanthood

Faithfulness “It is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful” (1 Cor 4:2). The quality of faithfulness is needed if we are going to maintain diligence (persistent effort or work) and perseverance in the work that we have been called to.