Foundations of the Faith

cover-Foundations-of-FaithThe Foundations of Faith teaching manual was a series of studies prepared for the use in Care Groups (House Groups), which have been in operation at Hockley Pentecostal Church since August 1984. The primary aim of the series was to ‘build up in the most holy faith’ as opposed to academic theology.

This is an excellent series of studies, to which much prayer, time and effort has been poured. I believe they are a clear presentation of the basis of the Christian faith, allowing those that study them to lay a solid ‘foundation’ on which they can build their Christian life. For a tree to stand strong, it needs a good root system, for us to stand strong in our faith, we need to have our ‘roots’ grounded in the Word of God. I believe these studies allow us to do just that.

IMS is very grateful to William R. Groves, the Director of Care Groups at Hockley Pentecostal Church, Birmingham, UK, for allowing us to make these teachings available for use and distribution.

Rev. Mike J. Jones

IMS Missions Director


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Table of Contents

Statement of Belief
Introduction:  ‘Foundations of Faith’
Study 1:  The Bible
Study 2:  The Triune God
Study 3:  The Virgin Birth, Sinless Life and Miraculous Ministry of  Jesus Christ
Study 4:  The Substitutionary Atoning Death of the Lord Jesus Christ
Study 5: The Bodily Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ
Study 6:  The Triumphant Ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ
Study 7:  The Abiding Intercession of the Lord Jesus Christ
Study 8:  The Fall of Man
Study 9:  Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ
Study 10:  Water Baptism
Study 11:  The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Study 12:  The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Study 13:  The Gifts of Divine Utterance (Tongues and Interpretation)
Study 14:  The Gifts of Divine Utterance Prophecy
Study 15:  The Gifts of Power Faith
Study 16:  Gifts of Power Healings
Study 17:  Gifts of Power – The Working of Miracles
Study 18:  Gifts of Revelation – Discerning of Spirits
Study 19:  The Gifts of Revelation, the Word of Knowledge, and the Word of Wisdom
Study 20:  The Offices Set by God in the Church
Study 21:  Holiness of Life and Conduct
Study 22:  The Lord’s Table
Study 23:  Last Things
Study 24:  The Rapture
Study 25:  Daniel’s Seventy Weeks
Study 26:  The Times of the Gentiles
Study 27: The Rise of Antichrist
Study 28:  The Tribulation
Study 29:  The Tribulation Judgments
Study 30:  The Tribulation Converts
Study 31:  The Redeemed During the Tribulation Period
Study 32:  Armageddon and the Lord’s Return
Study 33:  The Millennium, the Great White Throne and Future Eternity