July 2015 Newsletter


AdobeIconAs we send out this 2015 summer report of IMS work, for myself, it is a personal reflection of Gods goodness, and healing power. As many of you know, 2015 began with the news that I had a serious cancer problem which would require immediate surgery.  The probable outcomes ranged from nothing could be done to, it could be successful operation. Isaiah 43:1-2 became my strength, and the peace of God came into my life with force. I had major surgery on the 19th of January, out of hospital in 2 days, rested for 6 weeks and the cancer “all clear” was given within the month, without any further treatment.

I was so grateful for the prayers of so many Churches and people in Canada, the UK and many other countries of the world, a remarkable journey for which I give God the Glory.  Having been healed from five years of polio paralysis as a child, coming through a heart attack at 40 years of age, and now cancer, I hold to Gods promise of Psalm 91:15-16:

15 He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. 16 With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.”

As a ministry, IMS faces many challenges, and our associates face unbelievable dangers, which are difficult for us to comprehend. We continue to meet the financial needs of project costs that we are committed to. Please pray for our worker’s protection, God’s provision, and wisdom to know when to accept the situations God brings to us, and when to step back.


Pakistan-SermonThe realities of living in Lahore, Pakistan is to live in a town and location where there have been 500+ bomb blasts in the last year, churches attacked, and over 6,000 people killed. The perpetrators target poor families, paying stipends to parents, so they will send their children to train for the purpose of killing infidels; become suicide bombers, and are taught the glories of martyrdom. A young Christian couple expecting a child is burnt alive in a kiln, for following Jesus. The picture shows our associate, Magdalene, preaching Sunday morning, the sermon interrupted by an explosion 300 yards away at another church, some 30 people were killed, and others injured. The service was abruptly stopped as this congregation rushed to help another attack on part of the family of God.

Pakistan-School-AwardsIn the midst of this harsh reality, we have two more schools now well established. Grace School opened 18 months ago, and is now completely over-subscribed. Doubling of the building space was required the day the school opened, and was completed within a few months. Twelve months later the school is looking to expand again.  IMS built and extended the school as well as cover the annual operating costs, and we now need to consider committing to further expansion.

A second small tented school was started by the airport, “Morning Star”, and it now has its own building with over 140 students and continues to grow with IMS covering the operating costs. Amazingly all our schools and college teaching programs are centered upon the Christian message.

The success of the midwifery school continues into its seventh year, graduating well trained midwives every 18 months.  There are many mother and infant deaths in the rural areas where birthing happens so there is a pressing need to train the women from theses area and send qualified midwives back. Rural girls cannot afford to come to the College, the cost of accommodation making it impossible. IMS is planning a residential hostel for a further  twenty-five  students from  these areas to be added to our courses, we have the property, renovation work is required, we see the  provision of a Hostel being the answer, and we are trusting the Lord for the resources to complete the work.

Baptism-PixelatedWe are pleased to report that twelve women decided to place their trust in Jesus on the last course, with some choosing to be baptized which takes unbelievable courage in these circumstances.

There is an urgent need for an air conditioning unit at Morning Star School; they have been facing temperatures of 47 degrees Celsius. The costs are not high at US$1500, though we continue to have trust in God for the need. The Midwifery College also needs two new batteries for upgrading their solar power supply.

Sri Lanka Refuge Camp

The Lord commissioned us to “Go into All the World and Preach the Gospel” and “To feed the Hungry”.  Work in refugee camps is Biblical and the opportunities ther are many. IMS is linked to an Indian based work of feeding people, promoting the Kingdom and providing education. As funds come available the work continues in the Sri Lanka refugee camp supporting both schools and church. Support is provided every 6 months, most recently about $3,000 US. There are always more opportunities to help than can be met.

Bungoma Children’s Centre

Bungoma-193It is now 12 months since we took over the abandoned orphanage in Bungoma, covering the immediate debt, feeding, clothing and continuing to educate the children. IMS has been successful in finding the monthly US$2,000 needed to cover operating costs, and to settle previous debts. The great news is all costs have been met, the children are safe and fed, and the property is safe from re-possession. We now move into the next phase of managing the ongoing work, and finding others to join with us in support of the Bungoma Children’s Centre.

We also seek those past supporters who may be disillusioned with the abandoned state the orphanage was in so they can be encouraged by the good work which has rescued the facility. Please pray for us as we get this project on a sound financial footing. If you can help in any way, or know of others interested in supporting this work, from the past or new supporters, please be in touch with us. We can forward the centers history, how IMS came to take on the responsibility, and the many challenges of the past 12 months, from the IMS office. Forms for you to become supporters of the Children’s Centre are also available.

Mbeya, – South Tanzania

DSC_0792In April, 2013 IMS led a crusade in Mbeya, TZ planting and establishing three Churches. They continue to expand; one of these plants is now planting another Church. IMS is working with them to obtain land and construct the Church. It is always surprising to us in the West that a Church can be planted and within 3 years go on to plant another one. Praise God for growth, IMS will work with them to complete this work, and look to put in a piggery for continued support.


PK-6-Bikes-001Pastors in rural areas in African, India, and Nepal find travelling to their congregations very difficult. Other times transportation for guards at schools or orphanages is required.  IMS tries to provide a number of bicycles and motor bikes each year. So far some 5 motor bikes and 23 bicycles have been provided, always the need outpaces supply. Please pray for the means to supply more transport; typically, a motor bike costs about $1500 US, and bicycles $100.

Nairobi Orphanage – (in the biggest slum in the world)

IMS continues to support this work every six months. Many of the children are AIDS orphans, and many others are infected with the HIV virus. The solid Christian teaching and support they get will help those to have hope, and a chance in this world and become a part of the family of God.

Small Loan Schemes

We have found the best way to support projects is to provide a business opportunity which is run by the local organization. IMS has been working with this philosophy for some 28 years. One effective way which we can help start self-sufficiency is through “Small Loan Schemes”, which have been run successfully in many locations. We are looking to increase this work into Ghana, where IMS project work first started. Please pray with us for the necessary finance to continue this work.

Nepal Orphanage.

We thank God that we can report no damage to personnel or property in the Nepal Orphanage (which IMS is linked to) as a result of the severe earthquakes that rocked the country in April of this year. The access to the orphanage base is now more challenging, but possible. There is a need for support as there is a lack of just about everything in the country, as the structure of the country, roads and transport has mostly broken down, and the government is not in a position to help.

Web Page

globe2The IMS web page has been re-launched, and is very much in an expansion stage. The site is a source of IMS project information, and serves as a preaching resource library. For many years IMS has been sending out teachings and sermon outlines to pastors in many countries. The web site is now a place where they, along with others can access these teachings as well as other materials from gifted individuals who have allowed IMS to use their work.

Refer to http://imsmission.org/ for this developing resource.


Bungoma-5304The IMS mandate is “To Reach, To Win, To Train, To Release” and this is being continued as IMS associates, along with Rev. Mike, continue to preach and teach the word of God, presenting the Gospel in many venues and situations across international and western locations. The first task of IMS is preaching the Gospel, presenting the Kingdom, supporting orphanages, midwifery colleges, and schools along with small businesses. All these serve as vehicles for the extension of the Kingdom. Please pray for us as this work continues.

Rev. Mike J. Jones
Mission Director