Missions Manual

AdobeIconThere are very few people who are better equipped to write a book on the subject of missions in the church than Rev. Mike Jones. He has spent many years studying different techniques and biblical principles of soul-winning and outreach ministries.

Not only is he an inspiring teacher and Bible School lecturer on the subject, but Mike also has a lot of experience working on crusades, coffee-bar evangelism, and street outreach. Over many years he has touched many thousands of lives and brought hope to the hopeless and a message of life to the spiritually dead.

Mike has been used by God to carry the challenge of mission to many different lands and cultures, and has a heart that burns for souls whether in the sophistication of a major western city or the heat of the African jungle. Numbers do not sway him – he will preach to the individual in need or with great fervor to thousands packed into a stadium.

Truly the ‘gift of the Evangelist’ to the church, Mike shares his heart, his burden and his vision in a readable, gripping manner making his book an essential tool for every church leader and individual soul winner.

I pray that this book will bring many laborers into the harvest field.

Dr. Tony Stone


Chapter 1 – The Time for Mission
Chapter 2 – The World in Which We Live
Chapter 3 – Why Short-term Missions?
Chapter 4 – Short-term Mission Teams
Chapter 5 – Prayer
Chapter 6 – Selecting a Team
Chapter 7 – Team Leadership
Chapter 8 – Team Discipline
Chapter 9 – Team Relationships
Chapter 10 – Cross-culture Ministry
Chapter 11 – Selecting Material
Chapter 12 – Personal Witness on the Streets
Chapter 13 – Practical Work
Chapter 14 – Living with Hosts and Worshiping in Their Church
Chapter 15 – Team Guidelines
Chapter 16 – Practical Preparation
Chapter 17 – Team Health Care
Chapter 18 – Free Time
Chapter 19 – How to Spoil Short-term Missions
Chapter 20 – Returning Home
Chapter 21 – Debriefing
Chapter 22 – Short-term Mission, Long-term Results
Appendix A – Packing List
Appendix B – Short-term Mission Application Form
Appendix C – Guide to Inoculations