Practical Steps to Leading a Successful Prayer Meeting

Leading a prayer meeting needn’t be an overwhelming or challenging proposition if you follow some simple practical steps in planning and preparation.

Pray      }
Plan      }  well before the meeting.
Prepare   }

During the meeting:

AdobeIconAll prayer should start with thanksgiving (Phil 4:6); therefore commence the meeting with a time of worship, ensuring that an atmosphere of praise pervades the first part.


  1. Prayer is agreeing with God’s will (1 John 5:14-15).    Immature faith tries to manipulate God.   Mature faith seeks to move under the banner of God’s will; so give time and opportunity to find out what God’s will is (James 1:5).
  2. Prayer, not debate or argument, is the proving ground of our faith (Acts 4:1-37) so give space for faith to rise positively.

Times of quietness can be very effective for this.


  1. Confession
  2. Intercession
  3. Praying in the Spirit
  4. Prayer/fasting


  1. A shopping list of prayers,
  2. Prayers that really tell everyone else what you have been doing,
  3. Prayers that generally go around the world (verbally) but have no real meaning.


  • prepared for God to work
  • expectant of it
  • flexible when He does
  • available for it to happen

If the prayer meeting is to be successful the leader needs to realize that he/she, during the meeting, stands between God and the people and thus needs to recognize their responsibility.


  • Aim for a room temperature of 65°F (18°C), well ventilated.