Secular Leaders Compared to Christian Leadership

AdobeIconLeaders in the secular world do not deal with, or necessarily demand, moral or spiritual qualifications – God does.    It has often been said that a team will only be as good as its leader.

Therefore a Christian leader must lead by example:

  1.  Lead by principle – what you believe
  2.  Lead by precept – what you say
  3.  Lead by practice – what you do
  4.  Lead by personal example – what you are

Differences between a Boss and a Leader:

  1.  A boss drives men – a leader coaches them
  2.  A boss depends on authority – a leader depends on goodwill
  3.  A boss inspires fear – a leader inspires enthusiasm
  4.  A boss assigns the task – a leader sets the pace
  5.  A boss gives orders – a leader makes suggestions
  6.  A boss fixes the blame for the breakdown – a leader fixes the breakdown
  7.  A boss pushes people – a leader persuades people
  8.  A boss gets complaints – a leader gets co-operation
  9.  A boss says ‘get going’ – a leader says ‘let’s go’
  10.  A boss builds machines – a leader builds men

The world and the Church need LEADERS  – not bosses.