Rev. Mike J. Jones

Rev. Mike J. Jones is the founder and director of International Mission Support (IMS); an organization established in 1975. Since its inception, IMS has worked in over 60 different countries, leading large open air crusades, running leadership seminars, and supporting the body of Christ in many other practical ways.

Mike was born in Warley, England and is married with 3 grown children and four grand-children.  He and his wife, Janet, are now based in Kamloops, BC in western Canada. Prior to starting IMS, Mike spent many years working in the management sector of the construction industry in the UK, managing large construction sites, and was also actively involved in the work of the Kingdom.  Much of his early ministry work was starting and establishing youth works for teenagers, leading evangelistic missions, teaching in churches, seminars and retreat situations, whilst having an extensive evangelistic preaching ministry which he began in his late teens.

Mike was ordained into the full-time ministry during the early 1970’s and was a Minister with the “Assemblies of God UK” and the “Apostolic Church of Pentecost Canada.”   Mike worked extensively in the schools, supporting youth problems in seminar situations, covering diverse topics such as drug addiction or family problems. This ministry gained credibility and access to schools across England opened up. Along with his colleagues, Mike pioneered “Schools Ministry Seminars” in England. Other workers were taught in how to take up this ministry opportunity freeing up time for Mike to expand into other ministry opportunities.  Mike’s work with evangelistic teams led to working in prison ministry, and many areas outside the church in England, and ultimately, internationally.

Mike has worked as an associate with leading evangelists, on large crusades. He worked with the Billy Graham Organization, where he was responsible for teaching and counseling classes to hundreds of people in many venues across the country, a role he assumed again for the Reinhard Bonnke Organization, and others while in the UK.

A large proportion of Mike’s time has been spent traveling in the ministry of Evangelism and Bible teaching.  Since the late 1970’s, he has worked in over 62 countries and has lead large crusades in many African countries, South America, and Eastern Europe; sometimes addressing crowds of 80,000 people in stadiums and open air crusades. Other times, smaller groups would be the focus which supported local groups working in Church situations. He has often found that he is teaching Leadership seminars to many thousands, and is equally at home lecturing in a Bible College or to small groups.

When IMS was established in 1975, it began as an organization through which various ministry projects could be organized and financed. With his increasing ministry abroad, Mike has been responsible for taking groups of Christians into many different countries and forming them into ministry teams for presenting the Gospel, a responsibility he still continues today. Working with both young and mature personnel and alongside the local churches, they often find themselves working in the open air with teams of 25 to 30, presenting the Gospel message in song, testimony, drama and preaching to crowds of several thousand. His vision is to expose other Christians to the challenge of the mission field that they may respond to the mission call in various ways while utilizing their unique gifts and abilities.

For many years he has been conducting seminars for ministers, and other leaders, and he has found to be in much demand in these areas. He is often invited by churches and mission organizations in a consulting role to train and release local workers. An increasing area of work in recent years has been working with establishing orphanages and schools, while working with locals. Support ranges from teaching to managing finance in the construction of buildings, if required.

Mike’s ministry has been and is focused in reaching the lost, presenting the Gospel, training the converts, and helping them in developing their ministry gifts. Supporting and encouraging the greater family of God, through the local churches and on the Mission field continues to be Mike’s priority.