Youth Leadership: God’s Call to the Ministry

The leader will stamp his character on the group.   The youth group will reflect the character of the leader.   The leader will reflect the character of the Church.

AdobeIcon1. The Person of the Call

  • Young (old) mature, single person.
  • Often no choice – Irish labourer.
  • Not popular – one who loves.

a. Life

Matt 16:24 and Rom 12:1 is his/her life.

b. Maturity

Handle kids and Church.   Bridge (tomorrow) house.

c. Communication

Meet and mix at their level (guide around house).

Not mutton dressed as lamb.

  • d. Life Experience

Youth problems, relationships, sex, etc.

20 years old still learning.    Girls relate to father.

e. Call of God

Not on an ego trip.   Hardest job in the Church.   Being people must have a call, a conviction – direct word.

2. Commitment of Call

  1. If you are not the person.
  2. You don’t have the call.   You will not survive – kids fail.

To God you must give 100%.

To the body and to the kids.

You can’t give 2 hours on a Friday, it is a 52 week/365 day a year job.

Put your hand to the plough.

I know it’s lonely and others won’t understand, the kids want you at the wrong time and they don’t always thank you.

It is more demanding than any other job.

If married, the partners must be at least sympathetic.   The family must know – priority time – don’t drop out with young family.

3. Aim of Call

Must have a target – unity of leaders.

Fail – fall between outreach programme and growth.


  1. Exclusive club
  2. Church isolated
  3. Activity time with a bit of spiritual
  4. Entertainment time

Bible instruction for Church.   Acts 2:41-47 teaching, fellowship and prayer.

  1. Teaching – encourage growth and faith.
  2. Encourage involvement in the local body (worship, teaching not Junior Church).
  3. Reaching others for Jesus, training those we have in evangelism (mature leader and kids).

4. Priority of the Call

a. High Calling

 One of the most important people.   100% of those open to Jesus.

Church does not see your calling – so does not support.

Leadership 45 and over, people forget youth life, don’t have kids, not bothered with them, they’re miles apart; your area is most problematic.

 God’s view.

 Matthew 18:10 – lost sheep – bring them.  You are called to be sheep finders.   What more do they want?

b. Urgent Calling

71% of people not Christians at 20 years of age will be lost.

If Jesus came back in 3 years for those that are lost.

  1. Humanism
  2. Alcohol
  3. Sex/violence
  4. Peer group

 c. Demanding and Difficult

 1 Cor 16:9 – wide door/adversaries.   Deal with attack – who – leader – defeat him.

d. Life Call

Don’t get out at 25/30 –  father/mother.

Kids need mature.   Prov 1:4 – knowledge/direction – 20 year olds can’t do this.

Don’t get out because of your kids, don’t get out until God says so.

Best work at 32, you know you can’t do it.

Disciple other leaders.